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From overseeing 30 trucks, we now control over 70. HorizonGo has made the business Trucking Management System so quick and simple that we’ve been able to cut back on staff rather than hire more.

HorizonGo is a business that expands quickly and maintains a lean operation. They have managed several trucks, up from just about 30 in just three years. The company’s general manager, agreed to an interview so we could find out how they utilize HorizonGo to manage their workload despite being busier than ever.

I first entered the trucking industry in 2000 as an owner-operator. This business was founded by us in 2006. 2008 undoubtedly caused a significant slowdown in our progress. Yet after a pretty great comeback in 2015, we have been rapidly expanding ever since.

How long have you worked for HorizonGo Software?

We began utilizing HorizonGo many years ago because we believed that a better method was required. We required a solution that would aid us in a complex, specialized industry. Ticketing, billing, payroll, and paying owner-operators are all things we deal with.

Our previous system was completely incapable of handling all of that. Not even a bill. There are numerous other variables, as I already stated. You mention separate charges for owner-operators, leased owner-operators, brokers, and drivers in addition to rates for billing and driving. The other system did not provide those variables.

I turned to glance about and then I looked up HorizonGo. Actually, it took me some convincing before I started looking into it, but once I did, everything seemed to be ideal for what we do. I ultimately chose HorizonGo, and we have been using it since.

How have you found HorizonGo so far?

My time using HorizonGo has been wonderful. It has made us incredibly dependable. There were virtually no billing or payment errors. Anyone who is paid, including our drivers, receives what they are promised. They don’t need to be concerned. It is incredibly simple and quick to determine who needs to be paid, when, and how much with HorizonGo.

One of our customers is quite particular about where they acquire their information from. Our standard billing basically consists of a long list of tickets, each with a trip number, ticket date, description, rate, and subtotal. Using HorizonGo, we have surpassed that. Our invoices are separated into tickets per day, tonnage per day, and fuel surcharge. Everything is available to them straight away.

A highly reliable system, indeed. Hence, HorizonGo has been a truly wonderful experience for us. It’s incredibly simple, practical, quick, and powerful. I’ll tell you right now that it’s a strong tool.

Can you explain the HorizonGo training and support you get?

It’s incredibly good. I’d say it’s fantastic. They provide us a thorough, step-by-step explanation. Now, I do advise whoever will be trained to make a sincere effort to comprehend all the software performs. Because HorizonGo is so strong and everything is interconnected, one thing influences another. It’s wonderful once you realize that because everything is spelled out. Help and instruction are excellent.

Has HorizonGo assisted you in maintaining organization throughout your recent years of significant growth?

In 2019, when we first started working with HorizonGo, we had roughly six company trucks and 25 to 30 trucks with lease operators. We currently have 16 company trucks and more than 70 owner-operators. It increased from roughly 25 to more than 70! HorizonGo makes managing a business so simple and quick that we’ve been able to cut back on workers rather than hire more. With more vehicles, tickets, paper stacks, and other items to manage, you may anticipate the reverse.

Even with fuel, it’s just so simple that one person could complete the task. We were able to eliminate a position thanks to HorizonGo’s ticket software because it is so effective. This saves us at least $35,000 year, and with the current state of inflation, I’m sure it’s more.

We would probably need at least two more persons without HorizonGo, if not more. There are so many factors at play, and things spiral out of control. What would we do with the payroll? We are one week overdue on our payments, therefore it must be swift. We have just a few days to enter all of this data and pay out to everyone. If time is not on our side, we would have to enlist extra assistance, which is ineffective.

Has HorizonGo made it easier to communicate with and inform customers?

It’s really simple to respond to inquiries about tickets from customers who call in. pretty fast. For instance, if they ask if a ticket is allocated to the correct job, we can quickly look for the ticket and it will provide them with all the details they need.

In just a few minutes, we provide them with their information. The same holds true for any person who has a question about anything, including employees, subcontractors, or anybody else. Everything we need is right there. fast, simple, and quick.

How do their statements sit with your drivers and owner-operators?

It’s true. They enjoy them since it thoroughly breaks down what they require. There have been no significant issues. If they have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. In fact, I once had a worker ask for six months’ worth of payroll data. In just a minute, I learned that information. It moves quickly.

It’s excellent in terms of maintaining drivers. We have a variety of difficulties in the trucking industry, but when it comes to HorizonGo particularly, I have no concerns.

Do you have good success using the HorizonGo?

Yes. Paperwork is returned pretty soon. That’s part of the reason I indicated that we removed a position rather than hiring more people. We once had a person solely responsible for entering tickets. No matter how reliable the software is, the tickets still needed to be entered by someone.

This obligation is now shared by all users, drivers, owner-operators, and brokers thanks to the app. Since that is how they are paid, it is ideal for them to enter the data accurately. So, everyone benefits. We simply enter and activate it because the data is already there. This is a superb tool.

Do you find that using HorizonGo’s fuel system and downloading your gasoline invoices saves you time?

Goodness, gracious. It’s simple. Going via HorizonGo is a breeze. Entering allows you to download every transaction. That is already included. What more do you require? That already exists.

How would you contrast the HorizonGo Software with the previous software you were using?

I may contrast my experiences using QuickBooks and HorizonGo. Small firms primarily use that accounting software. Simply put, there is a vast difference. HorizonGo outshines QuickBooks in the transportation industry.

HorizonGo is incredibly superior to other software because it handles billing and tickets in addition to being an accounting system. Anyone who is familiar with HorizonGo’s operation will concur with me. Everything is present already. All of the data that we have can be changed by me.

What would you say about HorizonGo if someone in the business asked?

It is, in my opinion, the proper tool. As I mentioned at the outset, there are numerous variables in the trucking sector. Particularly considering that we have company-owned trucks. Consider the fact that we have to deal with billing, payroll, paying subcontractors, and leasing owner-operators. We are currently discussing trucks and truck maintenance. All of this data is brought in, entered into HorizonGo, and is then very controllable. Swift and simple.

When trucking with HorizonGo first began, we only had six of our own trucks, running a total of roughly 30. Currently, we operate around 70 trucks, including contractors’ and subcontractors’ trucks, and we have 16 company-owned trucks. We’ve been successful in removing one position at the same time.

The tool HorizonGo is fantastic. We have been incredibly productive as a result. Very quick in terms of how we run our business.

Streamline Fuel Buying

HorizonGo assisted us in setting up gasoline. Now that HorizonGo is supported, we only download the fuel file from the website. It saves a ton of time.

We used to type it manually before I started working here. Every time, it saves two hours, in my opinion. That has significantly simplified our lives. Everything is set up perfectly, and not a single coin is missing.

It is possible to input electronic invoices from several fuel suppliers straight into the HorizonGo system. By downloading your fuel purchase data straight into the HorizonGo system, you’ll save time and prevent mistakes.

The software will carry out the following actions once you have downloaded the expenses:

  • Charge the purchases to the proper equipment
  • Rebate a record for fuel tax purposes
  • Attach the source file to the payables invoice
  • Chargeback purchases to the owner-operator or contract driver
  • Chargeback cash advances to the owner-operator or driver
  • Update the equipment odometer reading from the reading entered by the driver when purchasing fuel (only available with some fuel downloads)

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