How To Search For Someone You Think Is Missing On Purpose

There are times when you feel as if someone has dropped off from the face of the earth. You cannot seem to call them as the number is powered off, no one knows where they are and they do not respond on social networking websites. It could be anyone; a family member, someone you work with or someone who has taken money from you or even the father of your child or a husband who has failed to pay alimony, but it is a concerning matter. You want to check out where they are, what they are doing and what has happened that they have certainly disappeared.

Searching for someone you think is missing on purpose is not so easy and you may need some professional help in this regard, particularly if you have exhausted all other avenues and have not be able to obtain any information.  While on one hand, finding out about someone in this age of technology and science is very easy, on the other hand, covering tracks has also become very convenient. People cheat and scam others and disappear without a trace and it becomes quite an exercise to locate them.

You can look for the missing person with help of a private detective, someone who is trained and skilled to do the job and has the license to poke around within the law. Your local private detective will search for the person you believe is missing on purpose, sticking to all legal and ethical boundaries. There are people who turn to other ways, which are not so legal but there are chances that they will land in trouble and it will not do them any good. The right thing to do when looking for someone is to go about the book and hire the best person for the job who knows what to do and how.

A private detective can find out the missing person for you using various ways and means. Some of them include:

Public records

Private investigators can go through public records and conduct research through multiple database aggregators as well as direct sources such as county clerk websites, court websites, etc. They also check out individual courts, secretaries of state and clerks’ offices to pull every single piece of paper that has the person’s name on it. They also contact every police department to check if there is any update on the person you are looking for.

Open source searches

Open source searches include news media, employment history, education history and professional affiliations. Private investigators even visit the areas where the person has lived or was living last and check out local newspapers and libraries for any information they can get. They are open to any source of information, such as employment, relationships and ties to other people. They also hunt social networking websites and local search engines to check the person out.

Social media

Social media has become the most important part of our lives. Even if the supposedly missing person is not active on social media, chances are they are somewhere out there and you just need to track their footprints.  The investigators start with some of the biggest platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to uncover every nook and cranny to find their profiles. If they are not found on any of these platforms, they even dig through family and friends’ profiles to see whether they can backdoor their way into some information.

Once they find their profiles, they download and save snapshots of all the pages they come across for reference and review and analyze them to look for clues about their whereabouts. There are hundreds of other smaller social media websites too that can offer a wealth of information about the person you are searching for. Private detectives know about them and check them out to find out any piece of information they can get their hands on.

Human Intelligence

It refers to identifying and meeting people who are familiar with the person you are looking for. It can be friends, colleagues, family members, business partners, neighbors, investors, investment partners, etc. who can provide any information about the missing person and where they were last seen or heard.

Searching for someone you believe is missing or you cannot track of is no longer an impossibility. All you need is the right person with training, intelligence and equipment to do it for you. With the help of local private detectives Los Angeles, you can learn where the person you are looking for to complete your business.  

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