Air Dispatches in Spain

This article examines the conduct of despachos aereos in Spain during the Civil War. It explores how military personnel were provided with the latest information on targets, weather conditions and other data enabling them to conduct accurate attacks.

It focuses on the first endeavor by the League of Nations to review air operations through a fact-finding mechanism. It was established in circumstances that are now forgotten, but which still serve as valuable lessons for modern investigations of belligerent acts of violence.

Festa al Cel – Military Helicopter Action

The Festa al Cel airshow is Spain’s oldest and largest international show, attracting hundreds of thousands to Barcelona’s beautiful beaches. While the line-up is slightly less impressive than it was in recent years, with the weather pretty much guaranteed, it’s still one of the country’s best air shows and should be a must-visit for anyone who enjoys the spectacle of flying.

The main drawcard was undoubtedly the aforementioned CL-215, performing in all its glory with its massive drop of water to the beach below. This is the first time that this particular water bomber has been seen in Europe and the Spanish crowd were very impressed by how slickly it was executed and how smoothly it flowed through the air.

The PAPEA parachute display also wowed the crowd, demonstrating in all its glory and was the highlight of the day, with its combination of free-falling and formation work lapped up by the crowd. Then there was the Patrulla guila – the aforementioned seven CASA 101 Aviojets, which sported a dazzling red and yellow smoke display that created a real sense of national pride amongst the crowd.

Air Shows in Spain

The skies over Velez-Malaga, in the south of Spain, will be filled with aircraft from all genres this weekend as the International Air Festival takes wing. This event, which was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, returns this weekend with 35 aircraft taking part in flying displays.

A variety of aviation disciplines will be on show including aerobatics by the Spanish and French teams, as well as acrobatics from the Guardia Civil helicopter. The Italian Air Force will also be taking part with the HH-101A Caesar.

There will also be displays by the Eurofighter, Aspa Patrol and the Jacob 52 aircraft. Aside from military displays there will be civilian teams, including the Aguila team of the Spanish Air Force and La Patrouille Tranchant.

This annual international air show in Motril was first created in 2006 and has grown in size and sophistication over the years. It was initially a small rescue exhibition at the city’s heliport but has since expanded into a full-scale festival attracting visitors from all over Spain and abroad.

Air Shows in Lleida

Lleida-Alguaire Airport is a relatively new air terminal located in Catalonia, about 180km west of Barcelona. It opened in 2010 and has become a major transport hub for the western part of Catalonia as it looks to grow its tourist industry.

One of the big attractions at this small industrial airport is that it’s home to a number of airplanes that have been taken out of service. For example, a Boeing 747 freighter arrived at Lleida-Alguaire last month.

Another highlight was the Spanish Army’s Fuerzas Aeromoviles del Ejercito de Tierra (FAMET). Their NH Industries NH90TTH Caimen gave quite a dramatic solo routine of low passes, hovering and a final diving bow to the crowd.

The Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell was an essential component of the show and were well represented with a series of flypasts by their training aircraft, a Cessna C172 and a C-182. Finally the Brigade, the Spanish Army’s airborne forces unit made their debut appearance at Festa al Cel, giving an excellent parachuting demonstration in full battle gear, tandem parachutists and even HALO equipment!

Air Shows in Barcelona

Whether you’re a die-hard jet setter or just like the idea of flying high in the air, these shows are a must for any aviation lover. They’re also great for letting off some steam and getting your adrenaline pumping!

The Barcelona air show, Aerosport, is held each year in May and features displays of hang gliding, paragliding, ultralight aircraft, helicopters and more. Rome2rio makes it easy to get there, so you can enjoy the show without having to worry about getting around town.

It’s one of the most popular and entertaining summer festivals in the city. During the Festa Major de Gracia almost every barrio celebrates its own patron saint day (and there’s a party in every district), with a Bacchanalic carnival vibe taking over each neighbourhood.

The festival’s programme includes a plethora of concerts and other traditional festivities, as well as a host of fireworks and light shows on the streets of Barcelona and in Ciutadella Park. It’s a great day out for the whole family and it’s easy to get to and from with bus and taxi services leaving the city centre in the morning.

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