Immerse Yourself in Luxury: The Best Showers to Transform Your Bathroom

Transforming the look and functionality of your bathroom is not as easy as it might sound. From the interior design to the choice of the right fittings and fixtures, you need to take every step carefully. Even a single wrong choice can ruin the entire appearance and theme of your bathroom. The shower is one of the most important elements of a bathroom as it is largely related to your comfort.

To ensure your comfort, you would need a shower with the perfect water flow installed at the perfect place. For this, the first step is to choose the right showerhead from a wide variety of showers available in the market. Below is the list of some best showers to consider if you want to feel the luxury in your bathroom:

1. Johnson’s Optima Plus Square Rain Shower

This squared-shaped rain shower by Johnson Bathrooms is among the top options when it comes to luxury showerheads. Along with an aesthetically appealing design, it has fine quality and great functionality. The showerhead is square-shaped and has a layer of shiny chrome polish, which makes it look ultra-modern.

With this overhead shower, the flow of water feels just like the actual rain and gives you the feeling of a luxurious bathroom. You can get this showerhead at a reasonable price that too with a one-year warranty. All these qualities make it a must-consider option if you want a great design along with amazing quality.

2. Kohler’s Mist Rainduet Showerhead

Kohler is also among the top brands offering bathroom fittings and fixtures. The Mist Rainduet Shower by Kohler has a great design that can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. With a shiny chrome polish and a perfect diameter of 99 mm, the showerhead has been designed in such a way to suit every bathroom style.

It is a wall-mounted showerhead that comes with a pressure control option. You can opt for high or low pressure as per your preference. The perfect spray of water with this shower also helps to improve facial blood circulation. 

3. Johnson’s Galaxy Hand Shower

This is another great option from Johnson’s collection of showers. If you want to add the elements of luxury to your bathroom, you can not ignore a hand shower. Installing a hand shower along with the bathtub makes your bathroom even more functional and luxurious. With a decent design, the Galaxy hand shower comes in a chrome finish.

With a perfect flow of water, you can make your showering experience more relaxing with this hand shower. It is comfortable to handle and you can easily control where you want the water to flow, avoiding water wastage. Though a hand shower doesn’t obviate the need for an overhead shower, you can install both of them to make your bathroom feel luxurious.

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4. Grohe Euphoria Cosmopolitan 160 Head Shower

The Euphoria 160 showerhead by Grohe is another great option you can check out when looking for the best showers for your bathroom. Though it is quite expensive, you can undoubtedly go for it if luxury and aesthetic appearance are your primary objectives. It is one of the premium products offered by Grohe and provides a perfect water flow like rain spray. Along with a fantastic design, this showerhead has a super fine quality and you can expect it to function for several years without any damage. This round-shaped overhead shower is a perfect choice if you are looking for a premium showerhead that doesn’t only look great but also functions well.

5. Hindware Body Shower Square-Shaped

When talking about luxury showers to enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom, a combination of body showers is a must-have thing. The Hindware’s Square-shaped body shower with a 120 mm diameter is a perfect choice to add luxury to your bathroom.

You can install three or more of these showers and give your bathroom a premium look like seven-star hotels. By adding a large overhead shower on the ceiling, a few body showers on the wall, and a hand shower near the bathtub, you can make your bathroom ultra modern and luxurious.

Choosing the Right Shower Based On Your Bathroom’s Style

With so many different designs, shapes, and sizes available in the market, choosing the right showerhead for your bathroom might become a really challenging task. However, you can make the right choice by filtering out the options depending on your bathroom style, space availability, your preference, budget, etc.

If you have a spacious bathroom with a separate walk-in shower, you can go with large-sized overhead rain showers and make your bathing experience amazing. On the other hand, choosing a small-sized wall-mounted shower will be a better idea for tiny bathrooms. 

Your choice can also depend largely on your budget. If you have a basic budget and you don’t want to go beyond that, you can simply go for an average-sized overhead shower with a decent design. However, if budget is not a problem, you can make your bathroom as premium as you want by adding a rain shower, a hand shower, and even a body shower. Whichever type of shower you choose, just make sure to purchase from the right brand, such as the ones mentioned above.

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