Follower growth on Instagram and how to succeed

In previous articles we have discussed how audiovisual social networks influence society and one of the most powerful networks today is Instagram . There are so many users on Instagram that few manage to be truly visible and influential. There are currently around 1,478 million active Instagram users a month, a number that continues to grow. In light of this paradigm, getting followers and visibility is quite difficult. We will explain below how you can get more Instagram followers and engagement.

Instagram followers: a strategic vision

Your goal? Your style? Where do you want to go? You need to answer these questions before you start. If you follow an “as it comes, we’ll see” strategy, you won’t get any good results. Identify what you want to achieve and how you plan to accomplish it.

Choose a theme for your profile’s publications. This does not mean that you cannot vary the content, it will only make you clearer on your type of publications and, consequently, you will reach the public who will identify with you and, therefore, you will get better interaction in your publications.

How to get the most out of publications

Using Instagram, you can upload photos and videos.

Whenever you upload a photo on Instagram, it is advisable to provide a comment, indicate the location or the place where the photo was taken, and tag the people who are with you.

Videos are also a good format. You can also upload them as reels. This format gives you the ability to give more information about the moment. You can edit it with apps to keep it short and sweet.

Live Instagram and Instagram Stories posts can be combined with photos and videos and are added to the post as they are uploaded. Publications are deleted after 24 hours. A limitation I see is that people can comment, but it’s private. Fortunately, they can “like” you during that time.

You can use the Instagram Shopping function to add the price of your product to the photographs. This tool is designed specifically for companies, especially for stores.

Instagram followers tricks

Take note of these tips to get Instagram followers:

A profile without followers is incomplete

It is important to have a lot of followers, even if size doesn’t matter. Many brands will contact you based on your number of followers. People will often tell you to buy followers, “total for a little money you can start with a large number,” but I am against this, especially since if you want to deliver reports to measure the effectiveness of your actions, the numbers will be ghosts, nothing real.

#2 Content is key

There’s everything on Instagram,LIKES UK on good quality content and trashy content. There’s something for everyone, but it doesn’t take much time and effort to make quality content. This same platform has filters and editing options so you can do something attractive. External applications, such as filters, music, and effects, can be used to enhance content.

#Hashtags are key

Use the hashtags #. You can include general TO buy uk instagram likes or more specific words, for example if you are making a gourmet dish in Barcelona you can use hashtags like #España #Barcelona #Cocina, but also #CocinaMediterranea #CocinaGoutnet #ChefdeBarcelona. It will help you to be visible in broader publications but also in those in which people have a specific interest, such as cooking.

4 # Use labels to attract attention

Although it is true that the labels were born to include the people who appear in the photo, it has also become a common practice to attract the attention of some users. You can tag the profiles you want and they will receive a notification, which will make them come to look at the photo; You will also appear in the photo section where you appear on their profile.

5# Make mentions in all your comments and posts

If you want brands to know you or want to increase your interaction, make @ mentions, in this way they will receive a notification and they will surely enter to see your publication.

6# Take advantage of geolocation

Using the location has its advantages and disadvantages, it can locate you in the place if you share the photo at the same time that you are doing it, so your privacy is exposed . Especially for young people it can be a problem when it comes to security. But in terms of visibility it helps your publication to be located in the searches of the place so you can reach many more people.

7# Follow to be followed

Not everyone agrees with this practice but I can tell you that it works, but you do have to keep in mind that only 30-40% of the people you follow are the ones who will follow you later. Many things influence this, the quality of your publications, the topics or types of photos you share… In short, they have to feel identified with you so that they feel motivated.

8# To generate a community you have to interact

When I talk about interacting, it’s not just about replying to comments on your posts, it’s about giving value to other people’s posts; so it is convenient that if you get a profile that you want to follow you or that you want your community to know about you, make comments on their posts or “like” them. The more you interact with other users, the more your visibility will grow on this network.

9# The same filter for the entire account

It is advisable to always use the same filter and above all not to abuse them, since this can spoil the aesthetics of our photos. A mix of different filters doesn’t look good on a profile where a photo with a 70s filter is next to a black and white one.

10# Highlight your stories

Instagram allows you to buy social followers in the UK, you can save stories at the top of the profile. Saving them can be a good cover letter , since when someone first accesses an account, “features” can show the user what you like before they get to see your images. You can create cover photos for your highlights that follow the same line to give a more professional look. Use Instagram stories to share more informal and personal content with your followers.

How to Earn on Instagram Like a Pro

We can earn money from Instagram in a more complex way than on TikTok. In TikTok, we can monetize our account by getting followers and getting them to send us gifts we then exchange for cash. The process of earning money and monetizing your Instagram account is much harder than going live and receiving gifts. Unlike spending three or four hours giving likes on the app, there is no path or exact steps to follow. We’re going to compile a series of tips and tricks to help you, at least, try it.

Image Designing

Lightroom presets can also be sold if you’re a designer or retoucher. Presets are specific, default effects that you can apply to all photos and can be created by third parties; they are not included in the software.

If we don’t have an online website to sell presets, they will be able to contact us through direct messages.

Product Sales.

There are many ways to grow on Instagram without being an influencer or selling any products. Take advantage of this opportunity whenever your knowledge is relevant to other people if you are a specialist in something. Even if you’re a cook and want to sell cooking courses, you don’t compete with yourself.

Consider the case of breastfeeding children or positive education. In these cases, you will grow by helping other people to put your knowledge into practice and this will allow you to create a great community to which you can deliver online or even face-to-face courses.

Participate as Influencers

This will be much more complicated than all of the above but it is not impossible. It is not the best option in the short term. Of course, you will have to dedicate a lot of time to it and it will not always turn out well. In this case, you will earn money not by selling something but by receiving products, collaborations with brands, etc.

Often, brands partner with influencers to promote their products through sponsored content. Brands don’t just care about the number of followers or reach of your Instagram account, but also the engagement and trust of your audience. While it can be difficult to balance income as an influencer and creator, you can always choose which brands to work with. It is possible to earn between 200 and 4,000 euros from collaborations of this type.

Traffic for your blog or website

Through your Instagram profile, you can drive traffic to your blog or website. This, in turn, will generate ad revenue through ad platforms or, directly, brands that want to sell themselves and be visible.

If you have an e-commerce or small business profile, directing your followers to your online address is a good idea. Using hashtags will help your website or blog be remembered and generated visitors.

Internet marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money on Instagram. Many brands and online stores offer a percentage for sales made through their links.

Any type of product and niche can be found within affiliate marketing. For example, if you like photography and share this content on your profile, you can talk about your camera and take your followers to where you purchased it.

One of the stars is 21Buttons, which works like a social network but is dedicated to fashion sales. You probably know someone close to you who posts this type of content. You can earn money if someone buys the product from the looks you advertise if they buy it through your link.

Live Budget

Instagram Live badges are a newer feature that helps creators and influencers earn money on Instagram. Instagram Live badges are like tips during live streams.

This feature allows viewers to buy badges during live streams that appear in comments and unlock features, including a spot on the creators’ badge list and access to a special heart. A heart costs €0.99, a pair for €1.99, and a trio for €4.99.

Tricks, tips and recommendations

Having a community behind you, one that supports, buys, interacts with, or cares about what you have to say, implies all of the above options. It makes no sense to have seven million followers who don’t respond to your posts. For this reason, you should follow these tips, tricks, and recommendations.


The third day you have the account, you aren’t going to have millions of followers. Maybe you have 100-200 followers and suddenly, your account explodes thanks to people sharing your posts. Follow-unfollow doesn’t work, so don’t buy followers.

When people notice, they’ll unfollow you. In addition, you’ll need to take care of the personal brand that you’re trying to “sell” to the public, so we recommend reading the following tips and tricks so that you can gain followers with patience.

Frequency and Constancy

The ideal number of daily or weekly posts will not be an easy task to find. It is also crucial that you post often, and that you are punctual. It depends a lot on your audience and the type of content you share with your followers whether you post one photo per day, two, three, or two every other day. In contrast, he recommends posting 1 or 2 times a day on Instagram, and also gives advice on the type of content, including photography, photos, videos, text, etc. Here are some helpful tips.

Don’t only post one photo per post, try posting several, especially if you only post one a day. Don’t be afraid to be generous with your followers. By doing this, your followers will spend more time in your publication, which will help Instagram and the brands receive this data, which will help you increase your impact on the social network and profits.

Make sure they receive a publication every day if you have them used to it. It would also be interesting if values were published at the same time every day. Posting at a different time every day can result in two things. First, too little time between posts, or too much time. Second, that your followers find it strange that you publish in the morning and at night.

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