Types Of Mobile Stand In Car& The Mobile Stand Price In Pakistan

Most of the vehicles manufacture today have a built-in navigator controll through a touch screen in which you can use applications such as GPS or listen to music by previously connecting your mobile via bluetooth. However, if your vehicle is older, it is very likely that to use the GPS you will put your mobile phone on a support in a safe place to be able to see it.

Since carrying it by hand is not an option. If you are interest in a support to put your mobile phone in your car, we recommend that you stay until the end of the article. We are going to see what are the different types of supports with their advantages and disadvantages, in this way you can decide which is the most suitable for you and the mobile stand price in Pakistan.

As you well know, there are an infinite number of car models, many of which vary in the design and shapes of the interior of the vehicle. That is why not all supports are valid for everyone. There are a wide variety of mobile phone holders: some that are place on the air conditioning vent, on the radio, on the dashboard, attached to the glass or even attach to the interior rear-view mirror.

Although all of them are different, they have some characteristics in common, and that is that they must allow us to see the mobile screen without making any effort, or altering our posture when driving and, most importantly, without taking due attention to what is happening around us while we drive.

Mobile stand for Car

Most of the phone holders are use in automobiles. With lesser spaces to keep your phone safe but near to you and higher chances of phones slipping while moving, phone holders for cars are definitely an accessory you should invest in. While most of us keep our smartphones on a panel or shelf, there is a higher risk of phones slipping and breaking. While using expensive smartphones, it’s a risk nobody wants to take.

With the fastest growing technology and innovation in the field of smartphones and tablets, a stable internet connection can elevate your smartphones to higher levels in terms of functionality and convenience. Nowadays, smartphones act as our navigators, dashcams, and video players, and hence it’s almost impossible to leave your smartphones behind while driving. Even though there are multiple brands available in the market claiming to be the best phone holders for cars, there are various aspects to consider before purchasing it.

Table of Contents

  • Windshield
  • Dashboard
  • Ventilation
  • Rearview
  • CD slot


Locating the support on the windshield is possibly the most comfortable system. The support is fix to the glass by means of suction cups. This offers a lot of versatility when choosing which position is most comfortable for you so that it is at eye level and thus having the screen in a good position, as well as being a safe and easy method of removing and putting it on.

But it must be taken into account that it can hinder our field of vision and that for some people the traces left by the mobile phone holder on the glass is not an option.


Surely the most popular option is to buy a dashboard mount, there are several types of adhesions for these, they can be suction cups or with a special glue that does not damage your car, with the latter it will be more difficult for you to change position when you want.

The advantage of having it in this position is the ease with which you can access it with your hands if you need it, as well as not being in the middle of your field of vision when driving. You must be careful not to put it in a position that does not interfere with driving safety or even your field of vision.

Our Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand (10W) not only gives you the versatility to put it wherever you want, it also comes with a wireless charger that you can use for your mobile.


This is a privileg area to locate the mobile phone, since you can put it both in the front and on the side of the car. It can be remove and put on when you need it and does not get in the way of vision.

But watch out! They are not compatible with all cars, you must verify that you can install it on the fan of your car, there are car models where the fans are circular or do not have the proper shape to install this support. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you place the mobile here, when we turn on the heating or air conditioning, your mobile will be in the first row of fire. Although for countries where the temperature is very high, putting it there can help control the temperature of the terminal while it is in use.


Installing the support on the rearview mirror is also a good option if you want to have the mobile at eye level, as well as being a place that you can find in all vehicles and that you can usually easily access while driving.

You will still find that you lose some of your field of vision, but not as much as in the other systems.

CD slot

This bracket installs like a CD and has the same functionality as the center fan bracket. An option that is available for car models that still have a CD player.

The cons are that you have to look down to be able to see the screen and, of course, that you cannot use the reader when you have it install.

As you can see, there are many types of supports, so to choose the one that best suits you, you must take into account not only where you want to locate it, but also what the interior of your car is like. In short, there is no support that is better than others, it all depends on your needs, the car model you have and your preferences when using it. If you want to know more about car accessories, do not miss our article on car chargers and in this way.

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