Touring Berlin, Germany

With such rich history and baroque structures that dot the lush surroundings, Germany is truly an interesting and beautiful place to visit. The Berlin Wall which once divided the nation remains to be one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Germany because of everything it represents-reunification of a country once separated by political dogma.

Walking around Berlin, you will find attractions worth stopping by because of their classic appeal and historical significance. These include Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church), Rotes Rathaus (Red Town Hall), Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain), Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral), and Zeughaus (Old Arsenal) where the German Historical Museum can be found.

Even if you’re one of those foreigners who find nothing interesting in walking from one old building to another, Germany, particularly Berlin, still has something for you.

When the wall came down, Berlin was filled with new energy; Empty buildings like warehouses and municipal halls were converted into improvised bars. And since the boom of tourism in the area, the Berlin nightscape has likewise changed face. It now offers lots of different choices for tourists from something sophisticated and conservative to something more funky and trendsetting. Check out the various flavors of Berlin nightlife at hotspots like Lola, Newton, Tiergarten’s Bar Am Lützowplatz, and Charlottenburg’s A-Trane.

Whether you are visiting just to have a Free Walking Tour Berlin look around or you are there for something, shall we say, more adventurous, Berlin certainly has something for you from morning up until ungodly hours. Germany after all is a lot like the German flag that represents it -bold and classic.

Explore Berlin With Incredible Activities

Berlin, the capital city of Germany is built around the River Spree. The city has undergone lots of changes after the war, and has emerged as the most modern and thriving city. The localities are very friendly and hospitable with the tourists.

It has become the most popular destination among the tourists. It is the spot for one and all. The new and old wonderful architecture building stands side by side. It has got exceptionally good nightlife, and is also preferred spot by the travel enthusiast. There are total 29 activities to do in Berlin. Few are listed below.

Berlin has amazing Walking, Biking Tour and Segway Tour:

Half Day Walking Tour:

It is one of the most amazing experiences one can have. This tour brims with lots of information about Berlin. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete this walking tour. This delightful walk starts with how Berlin was founded. It takes you to War Memorial and State Library, where Einstein worked. You would be amazed to see how the areas in Berlin are reinvented, and completely changed to luxurious shopping streets.

You will visit the Ghost Station which shows, how the public transport of the city works. After passing through Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (Parliament), you will straight away head to the new Holocaust Memorial and then to Hitler’s bunker. You will see lot more beautiful spots of Berlin and also Berlin Wall. The tour guide will surely explain you why and how the wall was built and also explain you the celebration of its fall in 1989. The tour ends at Gendarmen market.

It is very important to choose a very good Guide who knowledgeable and makes your tour interesting.

Berlin Bike Tour:

It is a great entertaining way to see the city. It is also one of the nicest ways to give some exercise to your body and at the same time entertain yourself. The tour begins with the introduction of the Berlin City, and then you hop on to your Bike (good Bikes with the Helmet is inclusive in the Tour). During the tour you stop after every few meters and experience beer gardens like every locale of Berlin. Many famous spots of the city are covered in the Bike tour. Some of them are Alexander platz, Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer platz. Site of Hitler’s Bunker, Deathstrip watch tower, Bebel Platz (site of Nazi’s book- burning) and many more places.

Berlin Segway Tour:

This is one of the incomparable experiences one can have on the tour. The duration of the tour is approximately of 4 hours. Segway is a self balancing, personal transportation electric device designed for any pedestrian environment. The number of people on this tour is very few, and proper training from a professional to ride the Segway is given to you. So every tourist is given personal attention on the tour. You get ample of time to enjoy the spots during this tour.

This tour is fun for both new as well as repeat visitors. Your English speaking guide will make this tour very interesting for you.

Spots visited during the Segway tour:

  1. Berlin Wall
  2. Marx and Engels Platz
  3. Palace of the Republic
  4. Hitler’s bunker
  5. Luftwaffe Ministry
  6. Checkpoint Charlie
  7. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  8. Nazi Topography of Terror and much more

Almost 95% of the city is covered during this tour.

Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours in Berlin:

Berlin Evening Cruise:

The duration of the tour is approximately 3-5 hours. On the Cruise you will see diverse architecture and also would be surprised to know, that Berlin has en number of bridges. The tours are operated in German, but you need not worry, as proper written commentary in English is given to you. Dinner is also served on the Free Tour Berlin Cruise, but you need to inform them in prior. This tour offers you a unique experience.

Berlin Sight Seeing Cruise on the River Spree:

The Cruise takes you through the famous places like Museum Island, Cathedral in Building, The Reichstag and much more. Food is available on the Cruise; you need to inform the tour operator three days prior to the tour. A good facility for vegetarian food is also available.

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