The Dark Tower Movie Got It Totally Wrong

Stephen King fans may have been disappointed by The Dark Tower Movie. This new adaptation of his epic series departs far from what King wrote in his books and ultimately misguides viewers.

Director Nikolaj Arcel makes a costly error in trying to please both King fans and those who haven’t read his novels. The result is an interminably dull film that fails to engage either audience effectively.

It’s a mashup

Stephen King fans who had been waiting years for a film adaptation of The Dark Tower were disappointed with the 2017 adaptation. Despite an impressive cast, it failed to perform well at the box office and earned critical disapproval from critics.

Producer Ron Howard has admitted that while he understands what went awry, it’s too late to fix the film. Unfortunately, The Dark Tower movie got it badly wrong from the start and will remain so.

King’s Dark Tower novels often overlook Devar-Toi, where Jake (Idris Elba) and Roland (Matthew McConaughey) finally meet and where Roland also first killed his parents. This location should never be overlooked in King’s work.

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It’s not a Stephen King movie

Stephen King movies can be tricky to adapt, particularly when the source material is as dense and intricate as The Dark Tower series.

Director Nikolaj Arcel and writers Alex Garland and David Levien attempted to fit seven books into an 88-minute runtime (plus seven minutes of end credits), but it just wasn’t feasible.

King’s expansive epic universe was not condensed into an easily digestible story for those unfamiliar with his novels, making this misstep both a misstep and an attempt to please both fans of King’s works and those who weren’t.

It’s a PG-13 movie

Stephen King was vocal in his displeasure with the studio’s decision to make The Dark Tower Movie Get It Totally Wrong a PG-13 movie, despite its high budget and star power. King himself expressed his disdain for their decision not to go with an R-rated horror film instead.

Sony failed in their efforts to turn an R-rated Stephen King book into a PG-13 blockbuster, costing them dearly. It was an artistic misstep and could have been much better had they chosen another approach with this adaptation. Instead, we are left with only a disappointing disappointment.

It’s a slapstick movie

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is one of his iconic books, an epic, genre-spanning adventure about a hero named Roland Deschain who struggles to protect a mysterious tower. This dense tale weaves themes and elements from King’s other works together into an expansive universe full of possibilities.

However, when The Dark Tower Movie Got It Wrong was released in 2017, it failed to capture the story’s most important elements and thus remains one of the worst adapted films ever. Director Nikolaj Arcel and script writers Akiva Goldsman and others misfired so badly that their creation doesn’t even do justice to its source material.

It’s a fantasy movie

In the summer of 2017, a fantasy movie adaptation from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series made some questionable choices that left viewers puzzled as to what had gone wrong. Without much fanfare or significant box office take, producer Ron Howard has now revealed what went wrong and why the movie got it so wrong.

In the film, we meet Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), a young man who’s been experiencing visions of Roland Deschain and The Dark Tower since his father’s passing. Eventually, he comes to believe that these worlds are connected by the Dark Tower, with an evil Man in Black working towards its destruction.

It’s a blockbuster

At the turn of the millennium, King fans were gripped by an epic fantasy series called Dark Tower that seemed impossible to finish.

The series follows the last Gunslinger, Roland (Idris Elba), as he battles against the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) to protect the Dark Tower. His quest is inspired by Arthurian legend, J.R.R Tolkien and Clint Eastwood alike – an enthralling combination!

The film struggles to define who Roland is or why he’s fighting. Instead, it turns him into a hollow character that feels more like an unfinished story than an intricate mythology.

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