Current Innovations, Developing Trends, Industry Size, Growth Prospects, and Forecast for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market to 2026

During the forecast period, 2021–26, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of about 29%. In order to understand the potential future growth of the market, the report provides in-depth information on current market trends, growth, business outlook, product overview, and market potential. Market participants can use thorough information on a variety of industrial components to help them plan their strategic development.

The analysis shows market share, sales of goods and services, and revenue for the past year along with an anticipated future figure. In this analysis, the size of the market under consideration is determined, and future CAGR trends are predicted. It helps market participants pinpoint growth opportunities, factors driving development, issues, innovations, and technology. This research focuses on the volume and value of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market at the corporate, regional, and levels.

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Report Coverage:

The provided report uses statistical triangulation with the well-known top-down and bottom-up methods. To confirm the expected size of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging industry and other pertinent information, researchers at MarkNtel Consultants carried out a thorough primary investigation. The data comes from several interviews with a range of stakeholders and shows different sectors at the national, regional, and levels. The secondary data was gathered from paid databases, trade journals, SEC filings, and other relevant sources.

Competitive Environment of the Industry:

Market analysis is a crucial source of information for assessing the competitiveness of the industry. The reader may receive the research and easily browse the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging market with a detailed summary. It also gives information on the product portfolio, Pricing Strategy, Marketing, and Current Business Environment of mentioned players in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging market. Long-standing market participants believe that, with the right mix of tactics, they can dominate the sector in terms of sales and build a solid reputation for their brands.

Effective strategies include the introduction of new products, the creation of merger and collaboration agreements, and the acquisition of rival companies. The report provides in-depth descriptions of the numerous developments, expansion, and winning tactics adopted and followed by top organizations, as well as corporate profiles of significant players who currently dominate the market. In the report, the following businesses are discussed:


-Arterys Inc

-Beijing Infervision Technology Co., Ltd.

-Blackford Analysis Limited        

-ContextVision AB         


-Fujifilm Holdings Corporation

-General Electric Company        

-iCAD, Inc.        

-Koninklijke Philips N.V.

-Mirada Medical Limited

-NVIDIA Corporation

-Nuance Communications, Inc   

-Resonance Health Ltd.

-Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market Segmentation Analysis:

Visual representations of the data make the information easier to comprehend. Also, it provides accurate data and segmentation analysis, both of which are crucial for developing the finest plan for rapid growth. The region who anticipated to increase in a rather extraordinary manner over the course of the anticipated era. The profitability of the company will ultimately increase since stakeholders will be better able to develop innovative strategies that are advantageous and concentrate on market prospects. Available market key segment is identified and covered in the research –

Market Segment, By Component



-Perpetual Software License

-Subscription Software License

-Pay as You Go Software License

Market Segment, By Workflow

-Image Analysis

-Image Acquisition


-Reporting & Communication

-Diagnosis & Treatment Decision Support

-Predictive Analysis & Risk Assessment

-Equipment Maintenance


Market Segment, By Therapeutic Application

-Specialty Imaging



-Lung Cancer

-Breast Cancer

-Other Cancers





-General Imaging

Market Segment, By Deployment



Market Segment, By Modality

-Computed Tomography

-Magnetic Resonance




-Multimodality Imaging Systems


Market Segment, By Region

-North America

-South America


-Middle East & Africa

-Asia Pacific

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Reasons to buy the report:

  • To build successful R&D strategies, provide strategically important information, analysis, and insights from competitors,
  • Covid-19’s effects on local, national, and social and economic circumstances.
  • Identify possible rivals with a powerful portfolio and come up with smart counterstrategies to get an advantage.
  • Sort partners or possible new clients in the target market into categories.
  • Recognize the strategic priorities of well-known companies to create tactical plans.
  • Choose Top Manufacturer to accurately plan mergers and acquisitions.
  • Appropriate for delivering trustworthy, top-notch data and analysis to internal and external audiences.
  • Create regional and national projects based on information and research from the local area.

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