How has the Tea franchise suddenly become so popular?

Tea has been a beloved beverage for centuries, consumed for its soothing aroma and taste as well as its numerous health benefits. However, in recent years, the tea franchise industry has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, rapidly expanding to become a staple of the modern beverage industry. 

Today, tea franchise can be found in virtually every corner of the globe, offering an array of unique, flavorful drinks that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that have contributed to the sudden rise of tea franchises, delving into the various aspects of this booming industry that have made it so popular among consumers.

Here’s a look at how the tea franchise industry has become so popular:

Increased Interest in Health and Wellness:

  1. As consumers become more health conscious, many are turning to tea as a healthier alternative to sugary drinks like soda. Tea contains antioxidants and other nutrients that can improve overall health and well-being. As a result, tea franchises have become popular destinations for those seeking healthier beverage options.

Customization and Personalization:

  • One of the biggest draws of tea franchises is the ability to customize and personalize drinks to individual tastes. From adding different flavours and sweeteners to adjusting the strength of the tea, customers have a wide variety of options to create their perfect drink. This level of customization and personalization has made tea franchises popular among consumers who value individuality.

Creative Marketing and Branding:

  • Chai franchise have embraced creative marketing and branding, creating unique and memorable experiences for their customers. From whimsical store designs to interactive social media campaigns, tea franchises have set themselves apart from traditional coffee shops and cafes. The fun and creative atmosphere of tea franchises has made them popular destinations for those looking for a break from the mundane.

Innovation in Menu Offerings:

  • Tea franchises have expanded their menus to include not only traditional teas but also a variety of tea-based beverages, such as bubble tea, matcha lattes, and tea smoothies. These innovative and delicious menu items have attracted a wide variety of consumers, including those who may not typically drink tea.

Focus on Sustainability:

  • Many tea franchises have made sustainability a priority, using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in their operations. This focus on sustainability has resonated with consumers who are looking for environmentally responsible businesses to support.
  • A franchise opportunity in India is acknowledged as a forward-thinking and preferred way of conducting business by uniting big businesses and small businesses for mutual benefit.
  • Both the franchisor and the franchisee can benefit greatly from franchising. It enables a business with a distinct asset-light model for quick expansion. It gives people access to a ready-made company formula with an established brand that is more successful and safer for comparison. Despite the fact that franchising provides many advantages, it must nevertheless be done carefully.
  • A steadily gaining business strategy to increase wealth is franchising. Most small firms fail within the first five years, according to research from the Small Business Association (SBA). Small businesses may struggle with the risks and difficulties that come with starting a business. An individual can have that entrepreneurial opportunity with the support of a sizable organisation and the professional know-how to succeed by owning a franchise.
  • Franchising might be a fantastic choice if you’re trying to launch a new company. Franchises are available in practically every industry, giving you a wide range of choices. How then can you select the best option for you after narrowing the field?
  • With a franchise, you can benefit from a tested good or service while maintaining your independence. Finding a good fit for your passion and skill set is crucial because you still have to put in the work. There are many things to think about, including franchise fees and corporate support.
  • What to look for while choosing a franchise?
  • Here are a few things to think about while making your choice.
  • A committed network of franchisee support
  • The established brand is one of the main advantages of investing in a franchise. Utilize the advice and knowledge of your franchisor as well as the numerous support networks you have access to thanks to the franchise, such as other location owners.
  • Spending money as per your potential
  • Make sure the franchisor conveys a desire for your advancement inside the business and professional achievement. Some franchisors will even give franchisees examinations to ascertain their goals and outlook on life.
  • The expertise of the franchisor
  • Take note of how the franchisor responds to your initial questions and requests. Do they provide timely and thorough responses to questions? You must make these initial first interactions in order to understand how the franchisor conducts business.
  • Observations of current franchisees
  • Speaking with individuals inside a franchise is the best method to learn more about it. Inquire about any exclusivity the franchisor may give within a specific ZIP code or radius from a specific site, as well as the franchisor’s support system, licencing costs, and other relevant information.
  • Mutual anticipation
  • Before signing a contract, you should be certain of what your potential franchisor anticipates of you (and vice versa), and ensure that the arrangement is advantageous to both sides. To determine whether you are prepared for the commitment and can fulfil the standards your franchisor sets, consider the agreement as a long-term partnership.

How to Start a Tea Business in India without Experience?

Tea is a popular beverage in many countries including India. Tea is available in a variety of flavours, as well as caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. Its high antioxidant content makes it a nutritious beverage.

 Starting a tea franchise business in India can be a lucrative way to share this product with other tea lovers all over the country. Start an online tea retail business, open your own tea room cafe, or create your own tea brand.

Procedures to Follow to Launch a Tea Business in India

Market investigation:

Market research is one of the most important steps in starting any business, and it is no different for a tea business. 

This includes understanding the market’s requirements, such as the locations where tea is frequently demanded, such as hospitals, courts, MNCs, railway stations, and so on. 

Second, the competition in the area in which one wishes to establish a business must be thoroughly researched. 

Making a good plan: 

The next important step to take before starting a tea business is to make a good plan. This includes analysing the investment and determining the best setup for the budget.

 Second, the products that will be sold in the tea shop must be determined. This includes deciding what other products, such as coffee, snacks, and other food items, can be sold in addition to the various types of tea.


It is critical for every business to be registered and licenced. Different types of business models, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation, will have different licencing requirements.

This includes obtaining a trade licence from the government of the state in which the tea business is to be established, as well as an FSSAI licence.


Once a business is established, marketing is an essential component that aids in its growth. In fact, marketing can be started before starting a business because it ensures that the business is known to people and it is also a way to obtain people’s goodwill. 

Franchise Model:

You can also choose an easier way of starting a tea business. There are many good tea franchises in India and you can buy one of the franchisees. This will reduce the burden and also the risk factor. 

The brand value and customers will also be helpful in building your business. 

Way Forward:

As a result, the tea franchise business can be one of the most profitable. Furthermore, the investment for a tea business varies according to the potential size of the business, making the opportunity available to a larger number of people.

Furthermore, even though more tea is sought during the winter, people prefer to drink tea at least once or twice a day, making the business less risky in terms of whether there will be sufficient demand for tea.

Tea is in demand, but whether the shop succeeds or fails is determined by the quality of its product, its price, and its marketing techniques.

Top 5 Franchises to look for startup

A franchise setup allows the franchisee to benefit from low risk and a support system, while the franchisor benefits from business expansion. As a result, rather than taking the risks associated with starting a new business in a volatile market, people prefer to own a profitable franchise business in India.

If you want to start a franchise India business, this article will be helpful. We have compiled a list of the top five most profitable franchise business opportunities in India. Continue reading to make an informed decision.

  1. VLCC

VLCC Group aspires to be a Global Wellness brand. Vandana Luthra founded the brand in 1989, and it has already served over 5 million customers. The beauty and wellness chain extends beyond national boundaries. The company offers 169 skincare, body care, hair care, fortified foods, and functional foods products under the VLCC Natural SciencesTM, SkinMTXTM, BelleWaveTM, and EnavoseTM brands.

For a period of five years, VLCC grants franchisees the right to use the VLCC brand name, products, and standards.

  1. Chai Sutta Bar

The Chai Sutta Bar, which has over 300 franchisee outlets across India, has demonstrated the viability of tea as a business venture. The brand is also available in countries such as Oman, Nepal, and Dubai. Its franchise is available in several locations. 

The company has two Franchise models: 

  1. FOFO or Franchise Owned Franchise Operated 
  2. COCO or Company Owned Company Operated

Both models have good ROI with good brand value. 

      3.   Domino’s

The Domino’s franchise is lucrative due to the high demand for its product and the flawless franchise business model. The first Domino’s outlet opened in New Delhi in 1996. 

You cannot contact the brand directly for franchise opportunities because it is affiliated with Jubilant Foodworks. Domino’s weekly royalty is 5.5%. Before applying for a franchise, please ensure that there are no other Domino’s locations within 5 kilometres of your location.

       4.  AMUL

Brand Amul offers a lucrative business opportunity with high returns on investment. The Amul Model has aided India in becoming the world’s largest milk producer. 

Milk brand franchisees can choose from Outlet, Railway Parlor, or Kiosks. Every franchisee can earn around Rs 5 to 10 lakhs per month from a franchise. Or they can earn margins of up to 20% on the retail of a variety of products depending on the shop location. 

Amul-branded outlets must be 100 to 300 square feet in size and have an air-conditioning system.

      5.  Patanjali

With a market value of more than 10,000 crores and a billion-dollar valuation, Patanjali is now a major player in the FMCG sector.

Patanjali products’ franchise cost or price is determined by the type of franchise, which varies depending on your investment capacity or location. 

There are plenty of franchise business opportunities in India that suits different types of categories as well as budget.


One tea franchise that has particularly stood out in recent years is Chai Sutta Bar. With its unique blend of traditional Indian flavours and modern aesthetics, Chai Sutta Bar has captured the hearts and palates of tea lovers both in India and around the world. The franchise has been successful in adapting to changing consumer trends by offering a wide range of innovative and flavorful drinks.

 In addition, Chai Sutta Bar places a strong emphasis on sustainability, sourcing its ingredients locally and using eco-friendly materials. It is no surprise that Chai Sutta Bar has emerged as one of the best tea franchises in India and the world, a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the tea franchise industry has become popular due to a variety of factors, including health and wellness, customization, creativity, innovation, and sustainability. As consumers continue to seek out unique and flavorful experiences, the popularity of tea franchises is likely to continue to grow.

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