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How To Use Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Your ability to cultivate relationships with potential customers is crucial to the growth of your real estate business. This is the essence of marketing a home or other property. And one way to reach out to them is through real estate SMS marketing.

There are around 6.64 billion smartphone users in the world. Not trying out SMS marketing is a huge mistake. We would say that text message marketing is just as important as brochures and social media posts in the present day.

To what extent does real estate advertising via text message contribute?

The term “SMS marketing” refers to the practice of promoting products and services using text messages. It’s a great tool for maintaining relationships with existing customers, finding new ones, and advertising your company.

It gets the job done in a short period of time and at a minimal cost. We can see the possibilities of real estate text message marketing from the following data:

  • As seen by the 98% open rate of SMS, text messages are more likely to be read than emails.
  • Sixty-eight percent of homebuyers and sellers say it was very important to obtain property information via SMS and to be able to contact their agent via texts.
  • An average of 5 minutes is the average amount of time it takes for someone to read their text message.
  • There are 344 times a day that the average adult checks their phone.
  • In comparison to other marketing mediums, the conversion rate for SMS is really insane.

Our phones have become an extension of our bodies. And habit compels us to check our phones without launching any other apps, including email or social media sites. You may reach more people and gain more business with a text blasting service. If you haven’t already, you should incorporate real estate marketing via text message into your expansion plans.

Here Are 7 Adaptable Methods For Using Text Messages In The Real Estate Market

Marketing your real estate using text messages should be seen as a supplement to your current methods. Keep using the various methods you’re familiar with. Instead, incorporate them into your strategy for marketing your real estate services via text messaging. Take a moment to consider the gaps in your current approach to lead generating. Maybe that’s where SMS marketing comes in handy. Numerous applications can be found for SMS methods; nevertheless, to get you started, here are seven examples of basic real estate text blasting services.

Make Appointments with Potential House Buyers

We welcome in-person, over-the-phone, and online appointment scheduling. As an alternative, you may use SMS messages. Fast and simple, that’s what you get. In addition, you can contact clients again to ensure they don’t forget about your initial appointment. One way to increase productivity is to make advantage of software that can automatically send text messages to potential clients.

Inform Potential Buyers of New Listings

Real estate brokers need to maintain consistent communication with potential buyers in order to generate leads. They consistently update their social media and email lists with new listings, property information, and open house flyers. Interested homebuyers and sellers can be kept up to date quickly and easily using real estate text messaging. It’s time to put pen to paper and send off a mass email. Plus, you can get your message out to more people, as not everyone uses Facebook or reads their mail frequently.

Promote Events for Potential Homebuyers

The chaos that ensues when planning a real estate event is something that real estate professionals are quite familiar with. Time is of the essence since there is much to accomplish. SMS marketing for real estate may lighten your load in many ways, and sending out invitations to open houses and other events is one of them. Instead of trying to track down everyone’s email address, you can just send out a mass text message to everyone who is potentially interested. You may even utilize an invite tool to automate SMS messages and see who has responded to your invitation in real time if you’re truly trying to be agile.

Promotional Open Houses

Those that succeed in real estate, like those in many other industries, are the ones who are able to hold the attention of their customers.

You could simply send out text messages advertising your open house events, but why not go the extra mile and include some visual aids, like a digital flyer or photos? Using the MMS feature, you can send images and other media files through a standard SMS message.

Acquire Address and Phone Number

Too often, the real estate prospect’s contact information gets misplaced. Thankfully, all of it is unnecessary when using SMS for communication. Request that people who have elected to receive your text blasting services provide you with information about themselves, including their name, budget, city, the type of home they’re looking for, and email address.

Repeated Contact With Customers

Follow-ups are crucial in the real estate industry, and agents likely realize this. Clients may be lost if they wait too long for a response. Avoiding this problem is a top priority for many real estate brokers, who have found that texting clients are an effective way to stay in touch.

Codes for Search Terms Please

The use of keyword codes facilitates rapid and effective communication with potential real estate buyers. You can use these to create shortcodes for your real estate listings. You can then respond to a prospect’s text message with relevant information about the property they’ve expressed interest in by using the keyword code they provided.

How Real Estate Text Message Marketing Can Benefit You

If you’re in the real estate industry, chances are you’re always wanting to up your advertising strategies. You can’t afford to waste tens of hundreds of hours. What if we told you that you could make your real estate business stand out without devoting many hours to developing advertisements? You can expand your real estate brokerage and raise your income without spending a fortune by using text as a marketing tool.

Using text message marketing as a real estate agent has many benefits, including the following:

Every Real Estate Agent Can Afford It

SMS marketing for real estate is useful for beginners. It’s cheaper than Facebook or Google ads, even if you send a lot of messages. Due to this, it can be a viable option for individuals on a tighter financial or operational budget.

Frees up time by finishing routine tasks

Many different approaches to real estate text message advertising exist. For instance, you can either send each SMS individually, or you may automate the process with real estate text message scripts. Let’s say a client reaches out to you at a hectic time. A real estate texting service membership makes automated responses simple. Imagine how much time you’ll save and how many more consumers and sellers you’ll be able to convince to become customers.

Incredible Rates of Conversion

It’s no surprise that texting service advertising is the wave of the future. Turning individuals become believers is an extremely challenging objective. According to the numbers, text message campaigns are roughly 29% effective.

Comparatively, the click-through rate (CTR) for email marketing is 3.26%, while the CTR for Facebook ads is 9.21%. Therefore, if you want to increase your real estate client base, you should follow this strategy.

Adaptability and personalization

One of the nicest features of SMS advertising for the property is its adaptability. It has a wide variety of applications for advertising your company. Some examples include advertising open house events and following up with clients. As an added bonus, each SMS message can be written specifically for the recipient. In spite of the fact that this is true for the vast majority of advertising approaches, the concise character of a text makes it simple to modify for each individual reader.

Real Estate SMS Marketing: The Basics

If you’re like most others, you’ll want to include SMS marketing in your business strategy plan after learning about its efficacy. No need to panic if the thought of starting seems too daunting. The most effective strategies for using short message service (SMS) advertising have been compiled by us.

Interested Leads

Before messaging potential consumers, you need to figure out how to get SMS subscribers. There are various ways to gain connections. Gift card giveaways at real estate events are an example. To enter, sign a voucher with your name and phone number. You can also market your contact information on other platforms and tell buyers that they can get open house invitations or property listings by texting a special code, such as “Yes.”

Avoid Unsolicited Messages

Pushy salespeople are hated. Real estate agents put the client first. Seek approval before giving prospective information about new openings. Compose one text to confirm SMS program opt-in. Do not even text if they don’t respond.

Understanding Your Audience

Knowing your real estate prospects will help you convert them. Texting services connects with your client. Understand their needs to collect leads and run an effective campaign. Otherwise, they’ll ignore your messages. Create a buyer persona report to identify your viewer’s pain areas, requirements, and wants.

Their ages? Their spending? They’re from where?

After you’ve gathered these details, get theirs. Asking people to fill out a form on your website, during viewings, or in targeted adverts is the best method to do that.

Serve Them

Why did your customers sign up for SMS? Don’t send related communications. You’ll appear forceful and nasty. Send buyers any eligible property listings and sellers any relevant real estate events.

Introducing Yourself

Don’t presume prospects have you in their phonebook. Treat this content like a first meeting.

Skip intros?

Unlikely. Introduce yourself to potential. Otherwise, you may be overlooked.

Ensure Timing

Nobody enjoys 3 a.m. marketing texts. Check the time zone before texting.

Tone Matters

Texts are easily misread. They lack body language and speech tone. Stay positive and direct while promoting your SMS real estate service.

  • Greet first. This will save you from appearing pushy.
  • Avoid one-word replies. If a friend’s “ok” response confused or rejected you, you’ll understand.
  • Be concise. Impress in 160 characters.
  • End politely.
  • Check everything. Sending the wrong event address is the worst.

Add a CTA

A good CTA will boost conversions. You send SMS to persuade prospects to hire you as their real estate agent. Instruct them. Is your open house awesome? How do they book? Ideas: “Reserve” “Call me for a viewing”.

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