Fun in Kingston! The Best Travel Guide

The city of Kingston, Jamaica bursts at the seams of stunning scenes as city dwellers mix work and Fun in Kingston. It’s a stunning chaos that is waiting to be discovered.

The cultural capital on our beautiful island. It’s the place to go if you are looking to enjoy the captivating party atmosphere and the pulsating nightlife as you dance with the rhythm of drums. In addition, you will find exquisite art galleries, gourmet dining, stunning perspectives in those cool hills over. The city as well as breathtaking beaches, also many things to use as fun in kingston.


There are a lot of hotels in Kingston that you can pick from. In the middle of the action are a number of top-quality international hotel chains that you’ve come across. There are a myriad of local choices which offer the latest amenities of a city that is cosmopolitan and served by our captivating Jamaican style. New Kingston is the hub of business. New Kingston is home to numerous of these accommodation options which are just steps away from the most beautiful cities and thrilling activities.

In the city’s midst are some stunning guest houses which offer the luxury of staying near the water in well-groomed affluent areas or hidden in the cool hills of the city. It is a wonderful option to take in the city’s bustle and tranquil beauty at the same time.


Kingston will be your place to taste every kind of cuisine Jamaica offers. offer. There are a variety of chic sports bars serving delicious casual meals that have an spicy Jamaican flavour. The courtyard in Marketplace is a great place where you can indulge in an array of Jamaica’s best food.

In this area, you’ll find Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records, the legendary sprinter’s very first sports bar, and an impressive collection of restaurants that serve fine dining meals that are influenced by Asian and European traditions. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s an Kingston restaurant that will satisfy your hunger.

Fun in Kingston, What to Do

Beaches, golfing and fine art galleries, an energetic nightlife, vibrant markets, and colourful people are just a few of the reasons you should visit Kingston. Fun in kingston and there’s plenty that you could enjoy in Kingston as well. Nowhere in Jamaica will you experience the vibrancy of Jamaica in the same way as it does here. Also you can book Flights From Chicago to Kingston, Jamaica at lowest airfare to travel comfortably.

To visit Kingston’s most popular attractions, begin Downtown right in the middle of everything. You can visit the National Gallery of Jamaica to view the art exhibits that are on display in this gallery. Walk along streets adorned with stunning murals and dine at a local café. Take in the lively scene along the water as kids play while music blasts from nearby. Go for a short ride across the bay to Port Royal, once dubbed the “wickedest city in the west,” to explore. The stunning beach fronts at Lime Cay or eat the most delicious food at Gloria’s.

Venture into the city to check out the Hope Botanical Gardens, home to beautiful gardens, alfresco dining and an amphitheatre with regular reggae music groups. The gardens are just down on the same road as The Bob Marley museum where he was born and where he recorded a lot of his most famous tracks.

Caymanas Golf Club

The idea was conceived in the 1950s, and Caymanas Golf Course was created in the early 1950s. Caymanas is considered by many to be among the most beautiful courses in Jamaica and ranked among the top courses in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It offers an enjoyable and demanding challenge for golfers of all levels. It is a great place to play. Caymanas Golf Club features a Pro Shop and Clubhouse. Chipping Green, Driving Range and Golf School.

Holywell Recreational Park

Holywell is a place of lush forests that are bursting with life, panoramic views and quiet clouds. It is pure absolute relaxation. But there it is in the middle, spread out in front of you in the far distance.

Many travelers take the short trip between Kingston in the direction of Holywell to enjoy. The natural beauty, peace and tranquillity, high in the mountains. If you’re looking for fun in kingston or something more energetic than just contemplating natural beauty, Holywell is a great place to do that too. Four nature trails are available in the area ideal to hike, observe birds and general immersion in the natural beauty of the mountains. You’ll see waterfalls and many species of fauna and flora. Trail guides are readily available however they are not required.

Holywell offers large outdoor areas for picnics, including barbecue pits as well as gazebos. Holywell is also home to The Blue and John Crow National Park Visitors’ Center, which is where you can get more information about the only park in Jamaica that is a national one. There’s also a Children’s Discovery Zone, and farm tours and coffee tours are also offered.

If you want to stay over for the night (and why would you not? ) There are three lovely cabins to rent. The cabins were originally built to house the forest rangers in the 1970s The cabins have an open living room and dining room as well as a kitchen, bathroom, and a covered porch that has an amazing view at Kingston and the ocean. It is also possible to lease a tent, and camp on the park’s picturesque landscape.

Bob Marley Museum

The Bob Marley Museum is the old residence of the legend of reggae. Bob’s home is full of beautiful memories and precious mementos that seek to preserve the achievements and life of this renowned Jamaican and legendary musician. In the Museum, let yourself be engulfed by the sounds and sights of Bob as you go on the tour with a guide through the Jamaican Heritage Site. Warm, welcoming guide guides are knowledgeable and will lead you through the grounds. Which includes the main building, an exhibition theatre, hall as well as gift shops along with The One Love Cafe. 

The original rooms are preserved in the same condition as when Bob lived there to guarantee authenticity. Exhibits include a life-size 3D Hologram that depicts Bob during his One Love Peace Concert in 1978 and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, his recording studio at home as well as his bedroom, a collection of his favourite clothes, an array of platinum and gold records from all over the globe, as well the costumes of his I-Threes, his backup singers. Theatre is air-conditioned and has high-tech projection equipment, and live performances by Bob are shown to every audience member on a guided tour.

Olympia Gallery

Scott, whose vision was to build an arts centre. More than 40 years later, the Scott legacy is still alive. The Gallery has the biggest private space for exhibitions on the island. It is an enormous octagonal-shaped exhibition that spans two floors. It is covered by the massive plexi-glass dome roof. The walls are large and ideal for displaying huge pieces of art.

Worthy Park Estate

Worthy Park Estate is Jamaica’s latest rum tour experience which celebrates one of the island’s most historic sugar and Rum producers. The estate is situated at an altitude of over 1200 feet in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine’s cool hillside. Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine The escorted tour of rum takes you in music, sight, flavours and aromas, as well as the art of 100 percent Pot Still distilled rum making.

Just 50 minutes away from Kingston as well as Ocho Rios, the Worthy Park Estate tour is a trip that spans the years 1670 to the present and includes the process of turning sweet sugar cane into pure high-end Jamaican Rum. The 90-minute tour around Worthy Park Estate includes multimedia demonstrations, a walking tour along with tastings and tasting high-end rums, which have been awarded with awards.

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Club Kingston

Club Kingston is a place that caters to the needs of business travellers and has created a business-friendly setting equipped with the latest amenities in an environment that is easy to navigate. Turn long lines into productive time by creating important presentations, planning your upcoming meetings or simply staying up to date with the latest news and events by reading the latest news from our local periodicals.

National Gallery of Jamaica

It houses a vast collection of contemporary, early as well as contemporary artwork from Jamaica and other lesser Caribbean and international collections. A large portion of the collection is open to the public. NGJ’s exhibit program comprises retrospectives featuring work by prominent Jamaican artists. Theme exhibits and guest-curated exhibits, as well as touring exhibitions from outside Jamaica. Or Jamaica’s most important national exhibitions The National Biennial.

The NGJ is home to the most important selection of Jamaican art. The time of Taino up to the present important portions of which are permanently on display. Museum hosts regular exhibitions that showcase the diverse areas of Jamaica art, from masters of the past to the newest as well as emerging talents.

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The NGJ’s program of exhibitions includes the retrospective of work by prominent Jamaican artists as well as thematic exhibits and guest-curated exhibits, as well as touring exhibitions that are not on Jamaica, as well as the most prestigious national exhibitions on the island which is The National Biennial. The NGJ offers various educational offerings, such as excursions, talks, and panel discussions, as well as arts and crafts for children. It also has the NGJ’s gift shop and coffee shop.

DaCosta Farms

Take a day, or at least a portion of it in DaCosta Farms There’s plenty for everyone to do! The farm has a mini waterpark, a paradise for kids, that includes a two-foot pool, free pool toys and a splash pad that has the coolest water sprays. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon fishing and the professional, friendly staff will cook your catch as well as take your catch home. Visit the bird watching area to observe the diverse species that have been able to make the farm their home and take an exciting ride along the dirt trails. Paintball is a popular game at the farm, best played with friends, family or even corporate team members.

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Facts About Kingston

  • Kingston was established in 1692 to be the place for those who face the tsunami which destroyed Port Royal.
  • The city is situated on the southern coast of Jamaica It is the capital and the largest city of Jamaica.
  • Kingston is the capital of the government in Jamaica and is the capital of the island’s business sector. In addition to the many possibilities for business, the tourist area and fun in kingston is also well known for its educational, cultural, and leisure choices. There are more restaurants, museums, nightlife options, as well as event opportunities than any other area within the islands.
  • It is home to the largest of plant gardens in the Caribbean. It covers 2,000 acres. Hope Gardens is home to several indigenous plants as well being home to its Coconut Museum, Sunken Gardens, Orchid House, Lily Pond, Maze, and Palm Avenue. It is a must-see.
  • To sample some of Kingston’s most delicious ice cream, pastry gourmet food and Jamaican treasures, make sure to visit Devon House, one of fun in kingston are most popular mansions from the past.

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