Best Tips to Score 99% in Competitive Exams

Some remarkable success in the competitive exams by some candidates often drives a huge crowd of youngsters to work hard for the exams with the same enthusiasm. There is no denying the fact that competition is tough in the present scenario due to the easy availability of information. 

The competitive exams are held to test the intelligence and other important skills of a test-taker through an objective-type question-answer format. Even government commissions are using these competitive exams to hire potential candidates for vacant posts in the public sector. Candidates stay in the race to score 99% in competitive exams. They do so to finalize their success in the competitive exams. Well, if you also wish to join this race, then read the tips mentioned in this article to understand the tips that help a candidate in scoring 99% in competitive exams. 

If you are baffled by the question “Is it possible to score 99% in competitive exams”. Then, let us tell you that Yes, of course, it is possible to score 99% in competitive exams if you prepare for them with the right approach. That right approach is very manageable. If you want to have a profound understanding of that approach then, read this article cautiously. 

Well, if you are setting a target for competitive exams. Then,  you must find a perfect source of guidance to keep you on the right path. The best source to do so is to join a reputable platform that stays committed to its goal. For better choice, you can also browse the Search India platform that gives details of some best-shortlisted options in complete accordance with your preferences. 

Take a look at the following pointers to have a proper understanding of the approach to scoring 99% in competitive exams:

Revise the syllabus repeatedly 

The syllabus is a very mandatory part of your exam preparation and must be revised with strong dedication. The syllabus gives you a real track to walk on by stating the topics that you have to study profoundly. Therefore, revising it with the utmost efficiency will lead you to your goal faster. 

Never forget that your success majorly depends on how sincerely you have revised the exam syllabus. Because the examiner is going to be bound by the exam syllabus while selecting the questions for the exams.

A prominent newspaper

Almost every candidate who has cracked the government exams will surely tell you the significance of a prominent newspaper. Know that the current affairs section is a very important part and constitutes very imperative section of almost every competitive exam. Besides this, the section is also popular as the scoring section of the government exams. Therefore, look for the best source that can help you in the preparations for this section. The best source that you can ever access for this is a prominent newspaper that contains articles that are important from the perspective of national and international levels. 

Prepare for every section 

Note that if you fail to prepare for each and every section with an equal level of effort. Then, gaining success is very strenuous for you. Therefore, work hard on all the sections that your exam has. Note that commissions set a target of sectional cut-off score first. Then, they consider the overall cut-off to select the candidates for the next round. Thus, this mandates that the candidates must prepare for every section of the exams.

Paper-attempting skills 

To score 99% in competitive exams, you must master some paper-attempting skills that can aid you in attempting the exam with the utmost efficiency. The finest source to grow some exceptional paper-attempting skills is the mock tests that are freely variable over the web. Access them and solve them for 15 minutes daily to train yourself to attempt the paper efficiently. Do you wish to enroll yourself in the best BSC Academy? If yes, then get to know the meticulous details of the best options with the help of the Search India platform. 


We are pretty sure that complying with the above-mentioned pointers will help you score 99% in competitive exams. Furthermore, never compromise your health in order to perform well. Remember, to offer the best to your preparations for a long time, your health plays a vital role. 

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