Top 10 Broker Companies in India for Stock Market

Broker Companies – Investing and trading requires knowledge of the top 10 stock brokers in India. It is the starting point if you want to enter the stock market. Last week, I took one of my close friends to an investment meeting. The friend wants to invest money in the market to earn decent returns.

An investment meeting is an informal grouping of investors organized for bouncing off ideas and learning from each other. The idea was to expose him to the world of investing. I thought it would be better if he could first learn basic concepts of finance.

I will provide here a little background of my friend. He is typically middle-class with a Master’s degree in Physics. And, he teaches at one of the prestigious colleges in Delhi earning a decent monthly salary. Moreover, he also lost some money in investing in buying some of the worst-performing stocks.

I would say his method was haphazard without any method. Now, he has come to the realization that there is a need for learning the basics of investing. I hinted that I have been in the market and have a solid understanding of the working of the stock market. But I saw that he was not convinced.

Choose a Trusted Stock Broker for Investing

It was my 1st day also at the meet. In my view, sharing knowledge and experience leads to deeper understanding. Taking the friend along was the right decision as he would get to know a great deal. He will also realize that understanding investing is a slow and gradual process.

At the meeting, I introduced myself and my friend. Thereafter, people at the meeting asked for a brief introduction to my investment journey. I started my story with my 1st job at one of the leading oxygen gas plant companies in India after completing my B.Tech in Mechanical engineering.

For three years, I worked at the company and learned the ropes of investing there. My manager was an astute investor. During my 1st year of working with him, I gradually got to learn that he was investing in the market.

And everybody at our company knew that he used to earn impressive returns. I was intrigued and wanted to start investing. One day I asked him to teach me a few tricks for working in the stock market.

I answered that before embarking on my stock market journey, I must learn the basics of technical and fundamental analysis. Addressing me the manager told me I must also open a dematerialized or trading account with one of the top 10 stock brokers for buying and selling shares.

He continued that there are 2 types of brokerage, full-time and discount. For your information, full-service brokers offer a wide range of investment and trading facilities including research, advisory, trading, wealth management, etc.

And, discount brokers offer only the charting platform and demat account without any add-on PMS, support, wealth management, etc. Thereafter, I started my investment journey which is continuing with new learning every day.

List of Indian Stock Brokerage Company


It is the largest stock broker in the country with clients of more than 6,604,055. Although it is a discount broker they make up products like Zerodha university offering learning materials on all aspects of technical and fundamental analyses.

Moreover, they have the most advanced trading platform with state-of-the-art charting software. They offer technical and fundamental data on their platform along with key economic indicators to keep their clients better informed.

ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is one of the leading full-service stock brokers in India. It offers a wide range of investment products including advisory, research, IPO, online equity trading, fixed deposits, derivative trading, bond derivative trading, wealth products, mutual fund products, etc.

They have introduced a new App with advanced charting features which have become popular with customers.


Groww is a leading stock broker in the market offering a wide range of investment products. It boasts of having the 2nd largest active clients, 5,062,064, making it the most preferred choice. Their commissions and brokerage charges are the most competitive.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking is another well-known stock broker with clients numbering over 4,232,924. The broker has got amazing technical features, authoritative research, and many investment and mutual fund products for investors.


Upstox is a favorite with short-term and FNO traders for its competitive brokerage fees. Their hi-tech platform is also suitable for making long-term investments. Their active clients are over 4,158,649.


It is one of the top stock brokers in India offering one of the best packages of charting software, low brokerage fees, and excellent customer support.

Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal is a high-value stock broker in the industry. The broker has got amazing investment products for retail and institutional investors with low brokerage and commissions. It has become popular with customers because of its fantastic historical performance.

HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is a reputed broker in the industry for offering a wide range of investment products including PMS, wealth management, mutual funds, fixed deposits, debt funds, government bonds, etc. And they charge one of the low fees.

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is a trusted full-service stock broker that has become the preferred choice of clients of over 1.2 million. They are reputed members of BSE and NSE managing over 5 lakh daily trades.

Their stock and market research is awesome with most of their products helping their customers in making well-informed investment decisions.


Sharekhan is a popular broker with an amazing range of products including advisory, PMS, margin trading, mutual funds, research, equity trading, derivative trading, PMS services, etc. They charge low brokerage fees and commissions.

How to Choose the Best Broker?

Selecting the best brokers is the first step in your investment journey. You must keep in mind factors that meet your needs. The first thing the investors look for is trustworthiness as you are parking a lot of your money with them.

Also, ensure that their commissions and fees are competitive in the industry. Trading platforms and customer support also need to be top-class. And, you must check out if your broker is SEBI registered.