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Spirulina Manufacturer 101: What to Consider When Making Your Selection

Spirulina is a superfood, as it is packed with a wide number of nutrients required by the human body to function properly in better way.  A type of blue-green algae found in freshwater with warm nature and salt-based water and is called by another name, Cyanobacteria. Vitamin B and beta carotene are some nutrients found in blue-green algae called spirulina or cyanobacteria. 

Moreover, spirulina contains a high amount of protein. According to the WHO world health organization conducted research and declared spirulina a great source of protein, even 60% of protein is present in spirulina. And is considered the best to fight against malnutrition. Lack of nutrients and suffering can cause to many chronic diseases and disorders. Therefore, spirulina supplier in India is surging exponential growth owing to increasing awareness among the population. 

Top 4 Qualities to Look For In a Spirulina Manufacturer

In today’s adulterated era or due to the large population many manufacturers are being caught adulterating their products. Which reflect a supply of adulterated spirulina in the market, hence acquiring all the possible benefits of the spirulina you must look for reliable or certified spirulina manufacturers in India.  

This is still a little confusing when choosing the best spirulina manufacturer for purchasing authentic spirulina. Thereby we are mentioning some qualities you should look for adopting the best spirulina manufacturer with all the possible surety. Moringa Capsule Manufacturer use spirulina to make food supplements in bulk quantities.

1. Certified Member Of The Product: 

When visiting the website to make a purchase, make sure a manufacturer or a supplier should be listed as certified, this ensures an endorsement with some certification marks. That you can see on the manufacturer or supplier’s website on their home page

2. Providing High-Quality Spirulina after Being Processed

Read their processing process including all the practices and steps they perform while processing it. Inclusion of the technologies used during the cultivation, formulation, and extraction process

3. Place of Origin (Procuring or Cultivation Method)

Acquire or procure raw, materials after being tested for chemical and microbiological reasons, this ensures. And shows the authenticity of the products that are being supplied to their clients

4. Check Their Market Visibility 

Having a top market presence refers to your goodwill and your impression in the market. Which further reflects you as the top manufacturer and supplier of the product. A large customer reach across the globe can represent your identity at a massive rate in the market. Also, their establishment year which more reflects your long market presence and enables you to gain reliability on them?

What Are The Terms A Spirulina Supplier Considers While Procuring An Authentic Spirulina Range?

“Maximizing the Health Benefits of Spirulina through Careful Manufacturer Selection”

To accomplish a top position in the market a manufacturer or supplier pay attention to some features or specification to attain a high quality of spirulina. As the rising health enthusiast population across the country is leading to demand for an organic range in return for a high amount. Hence, this results in surging spirulina suppliers in India consisting an organic range of spirulina.

Choosing By Color

Color signifies the authenticity of the products; the best quality spirulina should be of dark green color with a hint of blue color touch. The slightly lighter color of spirulina depicts a lack of some vital nutrients and will not be able to fulfill an essential body’s nutrient requirement. 

The formation of lighter color spirulina. And yellowish color spirulina develop owing to a sudden temperature change leading to develop a degraded quality spirulina with a lack of nutrients 

The Aroma of Fresh vs. Dry Form of Spirulina

Fresh spirulina is odorless; it just smells mild like seaweed when smelled from so close. Compared to dry spirulina forms such as spirulina capsules, tablets, and powder all comprise a little aroma, but fresh spirulina has no aroma. 

Spirulina Production- A Place of Its Origin

Spirulina has a tendency of absorbing all the elements and things present in the environment. Therefore, the environment should be cleaned with the presence of fresh and contaminated-free air. 

These are grown with the use of rainwater and away from the roads, factories, and other commercial places which require all types of elements.  Also, the entire growing practices are performed under the Australia New Zealand food standard code Which has set certain legal requirements regarding packaging, labeling, composition, handling, and product safety.

Purity While Choosing Quality Spirulina

In a nutshell, spirulina is filtered out of cultivation, then excess water is extracted, and eventually, it is packed and stored in a freezer. These signify an ethical practice to maintain the 100% purity of spirulina

On the contrary, dry spirulina undergoes a processing method, which includes several processing techniques. Or practices such as compression ( for manufacturing tablets or capsules), exposure to heat for dehydrating spirulina to develop a dry form of it, and the addition of binders in the processing practice. 

In some cases, the heating process is performed in an open area as result in damage or destruction (loss of vital nutrients) of some essential elements. That need to be present in the spirulina to be counted as the best quality spirulina. 

Cultivation Medium Used To Grow Spirulina

To obtain the best quality of spirulina The primary step is to collect rainwater and then send it to the third-party laboratory to get it tested for microbiological elements

This assures you about the control capacity of minerals in the water with a clean and contaminated-free environment. The cultivation practice is to proceed to grow. All these environments are tailored to obtain optimal spirulina.


These are the mentioned traits before opting for the best manufacturer or suppliers, moreover. The aforementioned factors are performed by the spirulina manufacturer resulting in the production of the finest quality spirulina. In addition to this, being a superfood it is widely used in the preparation of herbal products to meet the lack of vital nutrients. Also, through above mentioned factors you are able to verify and attain the knowledge to opt for spirulina. 

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